Exotic and Wild

If you know me, you understand I have a jewelry obsession. It is right up there with shoes, bags and well everything pertaining to fashion. I discovered S. Carter Designs about 3 years ago and have yet to find a piece that did not absolutely floor me! When I started the blog, I knew one of my posts had to be about them.

Boars Tusk and Pave Diamond Pendant


Pave Diamond Deer Head with Elk Tips, Tahitian Pearls, and Diamond Accents


S. Carter Designs showcases the designs of Sarah Carter Hovis Olsen and Sally Carter Evans Hovis. Their creations are inspired by their passion for all things wild and exotic in nature. From alligator teeth to snake vertebrate, their designs incorporate truly unique elements. The use of diamonds and 14k gold to embellish their exceptional handmade pieces presents a style of dramatic, rugged elegance.  Each piece is handcrafted and a genuine work of art.


Mother of Pearl and Diamond Head Dress


Pave Diamond Capped Feather Trio on Leather Cord


Triple hand Carved Mother of Pearl Feathers with Diamond Bar, Tahitian Pearls and Rosecut Diamonds


Now do you understand my ongoing obsession?

S. Carter Designs

Shop online via the link above, or you can find the beautiful jewelry in Atlanta at Tassels,and Rebecca Boutique (404) 816-7785

S. Carter Jewelry is sold in boutiques from California to Florida, check the website for stores.

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