Have you Heard of COS?

COS (Collection of Style), owned by H&M, is their upscale brand. Clean lines and utilitarian details that are akin to Marni and Celine represent COS’ look, but everything has a much lower price tag. COS is known for an intense fashion industry following, and have also opened one other stateside store in SOHO. Before this COS had no online stores and was only available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Last Spring when I was in L.A. I meet a board member and major stock holder of COS. She is a beautiful older lady and ironically, we meet in the shoe department at Barneys. She begged my two friends and I to visit the COS location on N. Beverly in Beverly Hills.

We all liked COS and made purchases. I was hoping to write about them, but found out there was no online availability… Until now.

The 3 shirts I am wearing are the 3 pieces I purchased. at COS. As you see, they have a very “unbranded”and timeless, look.


Fully Accessorized #KIRBOSTYLE


Necklaces: designed and made by me.

Belt: Mine, made from a snake caught at our farm.

Jeans: Rag & Bone  ( I cut the bottom myself)

Bag: and Shoes: Celine

Sunglasses: Chole


All American #KirboStyle

Shirt: COS

Jeans: J. Crew ToothPick

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Sunglasses: Celine, Scoop NYC, Atlanta Store, 404-891-9845


All three shirts are available at cosstores.com

Chanel #KirboStyle

Shirt: COS

Jeans: J. Crew ToothPick

Shoes: Celine

Bag: Hermes

Brooch and Earrings: Chanel

Below are some of my favorite picks from COS for fall. Do not expect bells and whistles. Except low priced basic pieces that will serve your wardrobe well.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 5.04.40 PM

COS  Pocket Top

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 4.59.26 PM

COS: Strapless Jumpsuit

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 4.57.38 PM

COS: Drawstring cotton shirt

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 4.56.32 PM

COS: Split front Cotton Shirt

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 5.02.36 PM

COS: Mohair Sweater

Photography: Deborah Celecia Wagoner

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