A Health Update

Wow, what a week. I never thought I would be giving health updates online, but the response from friends and strangers alike has been unreal. So I thought I would keep you all posted.

My surgery was longer than expected, but all went well. I remember being wheeled into the operating room with the breast surgeon Jenny Amerson by my side. Then I woke up 7 hours later with Tom and my parents by my side. I would never want to get too graphic on the blog. The pain was not so bad, but by far the worst part were the drains. I had three, and they were removed yesterday!!

I have to say, I have a fabulous husband for dealing with that!! I couldn’t even look!

I am really starting to feel like myself again. Today, I took a walk and started working on growing KirbYourStyle. I am not pushing myself too much, just want to have some “normal” back in my life.


Lexi and Bo love having me around 24/7. We have had lots of snuggle time.

The down time is great because I am working on adding a Shopping Section to KirbYourStyle. It will be clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty products that I am currently craving.

Thank you again for all your kind words and support! Remember #FinditEarlyFightitEarly. Make your appointment for your yearly mammograms!!





Photography: Deborah Celecia Wagoner


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  • Melanie McAllister-Weaver

    so glad to hear all went well. thx for the update. hope u feel like doing more updates as needed! God bless!